Despite various adversities, the construction work of the dream Padma Bridge is progressing at a fast pace. After 6 months of installing all the spans on the bridge, the work of installing the railway slab has been completed.

2,959 slabs have been laid on the main bridge of 6.15 km. The work of laying the last railway slab on the span of pillars 12 and 13 at Mawa end of Munshiganj of the bridge was completed on Sunday.

Confirming the matter, Padma Bridge Deputy Assistant Engineer Md. Humayun Kabir said 2,958 of the 2,959 railway slabs of the bridge were installed till Saturday. The work of laying the last slab started around 8 am on Sunday and completed around 10 am. With this, the work of laying railway slabs was completed.

According to the concerned engineer sources, the work of installing the bridge railway slab started on September 24, 2018 — which means, all the railway slabs were placed within 2.9 years. After placing the gas pipeline on the ground floor of the bridge, this will be handed over to the rail link project for placing the railway line.

Meanwhile, work on laying roadway slabs is also in progress besides laying the railway slabs. A total of 2,917 out of 2,689 roadway slabs of the bridge have been installed so far, the sources further said, mentioning that “the work of laying the rest of the roadway slabs is also progressing at a fast pace”.

It is to be mentioned that the construction of the Padma Bridge started in December 2014. The Padma Bridge became visible on September 30, 2017, with the installation of the first span on pillars no. 37 and 38. After that, the 6.15 km long Padma Bridge became fully visible on December 10, 2020, with the installation of 41 spans. At the same time, other works including the placing of roadways and railway slabs were underway.


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